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Your mentoring really does help A LOT. I am printing what you write and saving it. Thanks for taking the time to put the effort and grace out for all of us to see!
Keep your advice coming! Sandy

Hi Scott,
I did watch the You Tubes videos and they are all fantastic!!!
I am at the early stages of my private practice development.
I really did enjoy how you implemented the Law of Attraction principles to
building the practice.
I did switch my awareness to the value that I add to people's life and also focused more on the benefits of the services provided as you suggested, it made a HUGE difference.
I also appreciated the "15 words that make you more money" list free on your website.
All those things helped me to re-shape my currently developing web site and other advertising materials. So really great job. I have been familiar with the Law of Attraction for few years now and it is great to implement it now.

Just focusing on the value that I add to people's life- gave me much more peace in regards to cash based practice and I do not have as much mixed feelings about it as I had before

Anyway, looking forward for more great information and I am so glad that you are doing that, it is really fantastic, and such a great service to us MFR therapists.

Thank you again,
I.A., PT

thank you so much for this valuable information! I so appreciate all your effort - although with the passion behind your words, i'm sure it's effortless...
i appreciate your help and your encouragement and i can feel your excitement from here.
i am stepping up to the challenge to break away from my needs and change my focus on others in a healthy positive way. Not obsessive, but lovingly.
i am in the process of simply being with others and loving them, loving and accepting the lessons, the experiences and sharing myself with others and them with me.
Yes, that IS what it's all about - sharing yourself! That FEELS so right.
thank you Scott and glad you just came back from a fun filled vacation and tapped into your inner child.
hugs to you,

Hey Scott,
Great job and so wonderful that you are doing that.
I am going to do what you suggested and I did taste the sweet results of that just few days ago.
There was a lady who I started treating in my house, she came, she paid me for 2 hours but that whole things was how she looked, felt and talked after the treatment.
She also scheduled already two additional hours for next week.
I remember thinking to myself- well If I did not need the money and the need to grow my business, I would do it for free. As I offered her service there was a huge gift back to me that was not monetary.
So I will work for the next 10 days on focusing on adding value to people's life with MFR/PT, and just with being me.

You definitely understand the "Law of Attraction" and I feel so blessed that you are sending those e-mail. I actually are waiting for them!!!
I thought to myself today " Today is Monday, I hope I will get e-mail from Scott to feed my thoughts, heart and soul" and here it is- the BEST of all of those- the pure purpose of giving.

Thank you again and I would be interested in the " Scientific Advertising" book if you can share it.

SCOTT- you are doing an awesome job and I am so privileged to know you.
Your e-mail effects me on so many other levels.


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