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  • For the new group: call & schedule your business evaluations the first week or two of August!

Available Courses

  • The Gold Program is a mid level MFR Success mentorship program designed to help you build your business more effectively. There is ample 1-on-1 time spent communicating with us, however there is more of this in the Platinum program. Marketing, systems, human resources, internet presence etc will all be covered in detail. This will JUMP start your business to provide you with rapid results and get you started on a fast lane of success!

    The Platinum Program: this is the highest level of mentorship. Amongst many other incredible benefits, it includes the most intensive 1on1 coaching with Scott and Rachel, and exposure to the full extent of the MFR Success strategies to help you build your MFR practice to its highest potential.

This is the Members Only site portal for me to connect with you (the MFR Success Mentorship group) easily with helpful, vital, invaluable resources. Moodle will allow me to walk us through each topic matter, month by month.

The upcoming months are going to be VERY busy! So, ladies and gentlemen, I recommend you take a good look around you and begin to clean out all of the emotional and physical clutter that may be weighing you down. You need to feel clean, clear and ready to fly. You must surround yourself with people who hold your bigger vision as something precious.

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