This is the intro to the article on Hiring Administrative Help.

It is awesome for me to hear the feedback that is coming through to me from many
people whom are on this "mfrsuccess" list..... people who are implementing these new
ideas, and are finding 'SUCCESS' blossoming in their practice, getting busier, feeling
greater reward from their work etc

FYI, if you have just joined this group, you might want to visit the new "Goldmine of
Resources" page on our website and see the previous bits of marketing advice to help you
grow your practice.

So let's branch off from marketing for a bit, and focus on a possible next step, when to
hire help?!

I have been listening to Lance van Ardsell's course on cash practice. He interviewed
myself and other therapists, including Valerie McGraw from John's clinic in Paoli. His
questions are excellent to draw the business owner out. However, I am disappointed to
hear the same thing that I discover whilst travelling to teach or instruct John's MFR
courses around the country ....... and this may WELL apply to YOU too! Therapists are
happy to say things like:

"I have a waiting list every day" .........or

"My schedule is booked out for 3 months"

THIS IS MADNESS to me. I too said these things though! SO don't feel bad!

However when I was working alone and this was the case, I realised something - this was
purely bad business! Because:
1. People in pain who needed help were not getting it
2. I was foolishly flushing potential income down the toilet
3. I did not have capacity to see new patients quickly (eg. after MVA)

I keep saying this - but it needs to be repeated here, lest I be misunderstood (Ha! - one of
my issues to process in this life!) ....... If you do not want to GROW your practice, you
needn't be here.

I have created mfrsuccess for those folks who want to BUILD their practice. Bigger and
busier is not necessarily better for you. Working harder is not necessarily working
smarter! I am enjoying working less and spending more time with my family - this is
smart to me. Or, as Lance van Ardsell puts it, this is "Therapeutic Wealth"
Question for you: "Are you as busy as you would like to be?" Do you need to hire help?"

In this email we'll focus on no-clinical help. Hiring another clinician is another science, I
did it, and will share how at a later time, but suffice to say that I am blessed to have Ann
and Lisa (PT's) with me!

Now - move right along to read all about Hiring Help in on this page.