In this e mail newsletter I want to give you some ideas and immediately useful tips to build your practice and market yourself better.

There are two types of marketing: internal and external.

External are the well known strategies such as what we covered last week - direct mail, also my favorite: e mail; then there is PR (media and press such as TV, radio, magazines, newspapers etc), networking .... the list goes on. Check out the YouTube videos I made on the different strategies. We will discuss each of these in detail as time goes by, and give you immediately applicable action steps to use to grow your practice, work smarter and achieve the success you want.

But in this e mail I want to also talk a little more about "Internal Marketing".

Most of us can say that Word of Mouth is our most effective marketing strategy, responsible for bringing in the majority of new patients. Well did you know that you can make this even more effective and lucrative?!

Ask yourself how you can add more VALUE in the life of this person in front of you; because how you or your employees communicate with your patients from the moment they call you, will either build their trust in you, or not. Patients care more about positive outcomes (results) and their experiences than clinical quality of care. Often patients don't really know quality unless it is really bad!! But they do recognize how the experience feels! They must WANT to see you; face it, almost everyone needs to see you, but do they want to?! By focusing your communications on the BENEFITS they will better understand the "What's in it for me" question.

I hope this helps you communicate more effectively, to your patients and your referral sources.

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Happy Marketing!

Warm wishes,

Scott and Rachel