Welcome to our MFR Success Strategies and Seminars Newsletter. My sole focus is to give you the marketing strategies and tips you need to build your practice more effectively, develop your business head and increase your profits. My practice (Wholistic Physical Therapy) is booming utilising these strategies. So are other therapists who do this, so I can assure you they work - if you are willing to put them into practice.

Today let's focus on one of the most overlooked elements of marketing success - your communications with your existing patient base, your customers, clatients, call it what you will.

Most marketing efforts focus on acquiring new customers. That's important, but so is building relationship with all your present AND past patients. It's a goldmine!

How do you access that goldmine? By answering these questions:

What do you have to offer your existing customers? When did you last let them know? What are you not offering existing customers that you could be offering them? When did you last send a letter to your customers? When did you last email them? Did you measure the response? When did you last call them? What would happen if you doubled your contact with them this year? When you do communicate with them, what more could you be doing to clearly explain the specific benefits that they will experience?

If you successfully generated income in the past by sending a brochure to your clients once a year. What would happen if you sent the brochure twice a year? Did that thought ever even cross your mind?! We are all so close to our businesses that it is often a challenge to step back and look at the obvious - the elusive obvious. The bigger picture.

Here are some more useful questions: How often do you communicate with your customers by direct mail? Do you test and measure the response? Do you spend at least 15 minutes each month thinking of an exclusive offer you can make to your existing customers? Do you say 'thank you' to your customers either by letter, email or telephone? Do you capture their e mails? Do you ask your customers for referrals? Do you know of additional companies, products or services that your customers could benefit from? Do you help them access those?

There are hundreds of great marketing strategies for getting new customers. But before that, you need to nurture your relationships with your existing customers. It is the first key to the goldmine.

Stay tuned for more information, tips and resources, and forward this to a friend to get them on board this SUCCESS ride!


Scott and Rachel

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