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The Vision:

Our vision is to bring John Barnes' form of Myofascial Release (MFR) to as many people as possible. SO, if you have attended one of his courses, read on! Our purpose is to help YOU run a more successful MFR practice, deepening your reach, enhancing your success, and hence exposing as many people on the planet as possible to this: "The Most Effective Form of Healthcare Available Today."

The Process

Treating your clinical practice as a business is a process which many right brained therapists are not adequately equipped for. Rest assured that you do not have to reinvent the wheel. MFR Success Strategies is going to help you develop your business skills rather than your clinical skills! We rely on John Barnes and MFR seminars to teach the clinical part! We will take care of the rest! Scott (MFR Success founder) actually also teaches some of John Barnes' MFR courses - Fascial Pelvis and MFR 1, but this site is all about the business end, not the clinical.

Here, the intention is to teach you what we have found to WORK and NOT WORK in the process of building a successful practice. These are time-tested and proven strategies, not theory, that have already been proven, and not just by us. John Barnes has created 2 successful cash based clinics, in Sedona, AZ and in Paoli, PA. It was John Barnes who inspired Scott and many of his other successful students in the creation of their own, successful offices.


Our products involve mentorship, good free advice, resources and tools to help YOU help more people and be generously rewarded for it. Learn and use them to increase your profits immediately. You will learn how to build a successful practice from the ground up. If you are already established you will learn new perspectives to put into practice right away which will help you attract customers to you and help you service those customers better. We conduct teleseminars and in-person training workshops, as well as distribute a free MFR Success newsletter. Link to our products and services page here.

Our unique service is one of a kind in this industry. There is a lot of inapplicable, generic advice available out there, but MFR Success is specific and tailored towards clinicians trained by John Barnes and practicing MFR.

Perhaps you are one of them, seeking an extra edge? Scott has made and learned from many mistakes along the way and wants to help you avoid making the same. Our company is an arm of Wholistic Physical Therapy, Scott's very successful Myofascial Release Treatment Center in Brewster, NY.

MFR Success is founded by WPT owner Scott van Niekerk and his Office Manager Rachel Mellett.

We are in the business of adding value, you and I.
Allow us to help you do that!

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